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Smoke Controls

Complex buildings and underground or industrial environments need highly specialised smoke control. The more intricate the system, the greater the need for effective controls.

Protect occupants and your business.

We have designed, engineered and installed controls in some of the most challenging environments in the country, for clients including Crossrail and Landsec. Our controls are the first choice when standard solutions and general smoke control system providers aren’t enough.

  • Intelligent control when it really matters

When they receive a fire signal, our controls will instantly take charge of the building’s HVAC and fire safety systems to help get people out and protect property. Our controls follow strict protocols on how they should react to multiple alarms and fire system signal inputs. Should the fire and rescue service need to override the system when they’re fighting the fire, our interface makes this critical job simple.

  • Above and beyond compliance

Our stringent quality assurance process and design control mean that our controls (their design, software and hardware) meet, and often exceed, the testing certification process and all necessary standards for life-safety-critical control systems.

  • Outstanding fault-monitoring and support

We set up your control system so it’s constantly monitored, and immediately alerts operators if something goes wrong. They’re simple for your operators to test, and with our first-rate servicing and maintenance, we make sure the system keeps running perfectly.

  • Future-ready controls

As building use, legislation and technology changes, our controls are ready to adapt. Modular systems and PLC software allow you to modify and expand the system with little or no disruption.

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