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Building Energy Management Systems

Effective and cohesive automation of building systems to provide the right environmental conditions can be complex. Whether you need a custom design, new system installation or upgrade, we make it simple for you.

We help simplify operations management for you and your clients.

You and your clients want to be able to keep their building occupants comfortable, safe and productive. To meet the latest energy performance legislation and to drive down a building’s energy footprint, and costs.

Our smart, simple-to-use controls and outstanding technical support enable them to do just that. We can help your building perform at its best.

  • Complex control made simple

Our simple and intuitive control interface allows operators to control buildings from one central control point, or remotely from any device, and manage the user access hierarchy with ease.

  • Maximum energy efficiency

Our smart controls can monitor building occupancy, solar gains, outside air temperatures and even room use, allowing users to find the ideal balance between user comfort and energy efficiency, and keep energy costs down.

  • Next-generation Building Energy Management (BEMS)

Data is uploaded to the cloud where our AI algorithms and analytics can evaluate for trends like never before and give a detailed picture of how a building lives and breathes – so that we can continually optimise the system.

  • Flawless fault monitoring

Built-in monitoring ensures all systems are working correctly and alerts operators by email or text message as soon as they’re not. Fault reports are sent to engineers in real time, so they can rapidly locate the issue and resolve it.

  • Future-ready controls

We build modular systems with PLC software so our systems can be adapted and expanded when needed, with little or no disruption.

  • Secure and insightful data management

Data acquisition, analysis and validation helps building operators understand how the building is performing and where improvements can be made. We can help ensure that your client adheres to legislation up to, and in addition to, full data archiving. This includes system set points and who set or made changes to the system, even to the strictest of requirements, such as 21CRF part 2 and change logs.

  • Superior support

Even after we have handed everything over, the client is not on their own as our first-rate service and maintenance helps them keep their system running smoothly and stay on top of evolving and tightening energy legislation.

The end result: Happier users. Healthier, safer and more cost-effective buildings. Your client and their building operators satisfied at the control, efficiency and productivity their building management system has given them.


We help you deliver on your promises

Our highly experienced team has the capability to design, commission and install even the most complex of building management systems, and make sure the entire project runs like clockwork.

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