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Cardinal Place: SCS Controller and Head End upgrade and subsequent service and maintenance contract
Client: Land Sec/NG Bailey
Building Type: Retail and Office
Location: London

Cardinal Place in Victoria, London is a true regeneration and transformation project. Made up of three buildings – Cardinal Place, Palace Street and 80-100 Victoria Street, over a million square feet of retail, office and residential development. Landsec, have created a vibrant hub encompassing home, work and social environments. When Landsec were faced with replacing their entire smoke control system, we helped bring their existing system back under control.

The Appointment

Landsec were having major issues with their existing smoke and damper control system and its integration with the sitewide BMS at Cardinal Place.

There was no visibility of where the faults resided on the system and they were considering stripping the system out and starting again. COLT approached us to see if we could work directly with Landsec and resolve the issues and get the existing system to work as intended.

Careful analysis and a full health check enabled us to identify the cause of the system’s failure to operate and, instead of having to strip out the entire system, to provide a solution to get the system function as it should.

Following the success of the remedial works we were appointed as the specialist contractors for the maintenance of the system. But because the fault finding and system visibility in the original system were inherently limited, and due to the importance of this life-safety critical system, there was still a degree of uncertainty around compliance.

Combining our detailed understanding of how the client operates their building with our technical knowledge of the system installed, we were then able to suggest a system upgrade that provided integral fault analysis, visibility of the system and all devices (such as dampers, control modules, Fire Alarm statuses and interfaces to third party equipment), as well as remote monitoring.

The Challenges

After evaluating the existing BMS and SCS specifications, we first interrogated and then translated the control software from the legacy Honeywell CARE system onto the cutting-edge Tridium Niagara platform (24 unsupported Honeywell XL-50 controllers were replaced with 3 x Honeywell HAWK controllers).

We then designed, built, installed and commissioned a new control panel and modified the existing Cardinal Place control panel so that the two worked in perfect sync.

Our works were aligned with the site’s BMS upgrade. Using IP based open protocols and our graphics specifically developed for the system, we were able to integrate the smoke control system in to the sitewide BMS – providing the operators with a more seamless platform to manage their systems.

Supply and install new controller within the Fireman’s Override Panel located within the Fire Control Centre, interfacing with the site BMS via BACnet, project management, engineering, software preparation and commissioning provided.  

The upgrade was carried out with minimal impact to the building and its occupants. To make sure our client’s tenants weren’t inconvenienced by loud fans going on and off, we had to carry out all testing and verification after hours and maintain a functional and safe system throughout the upgrade period.

The Outcomes

  • A fully compliant system with capacity to spare. The customer was pleased with the quality of our graphics and how simple it was for their operators to get to grips with the user interface.
  • The new Head End touchscreen allowed the on-site team access to system parameters and information that was previously unavailable making fault finding and system monitoring much more straightforward.
  • The new controllers also allowed remote access for fault and alarm reporting, software updates, firmware updates and backups, so that we can help NG Bailey, the building management company, keep the system up to date in the future.
  • The integral fault analysis, system visibility and remote monitoring have helped to enhance response time and reduce call out costs, giving the site maintenance team the ability to rectify the physical issues, and enabling our team to provide rapid, specialist support when needed.

The facilities management company NG Bailey were so pleased with how the project ran and the upgraded system that they asked for the solution to be rolled across to their second site, Palace Street. We’ve now joined them as their ongoing servicing and maintenance partner and specified specialist subcontractor for the smoke control system at both sites and have already undertaken further works, some quite substantial, as tenants have changed and re-fits and refurbishments have taken place.

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