Renewable energy load distribution project

“A surge in applications for renewable energy projects has left parts of the Westcountry power network close to capacity and...has pushed up the amount of electricity which can be generated by almost 60% during 2011/12 with potential output expected to jump by the same amount over the year to April”

It is the same story country wide and Scottish and Southern Energy have already implemented a limit on the amount of power permitted to be exported at any one time from new renewable energy installations. This situation is likely to change in the future as network equipment is upgraded in order to withstand the potential surges created by the ever increasing number of renewable generators.

But in the meantime it leaves people wanting to invest in medium scale renewable technology such as solar PV or a wind turbine a tricky choice. The choice is, either install a system small enough to never generate more than the permitted export, 

and possibly not produce as much energy as your site consumes and miss out on current levels of feed in tariff, or talk to Kernow Controls about our solution.

We have designed a fully automated energy management system that can communicate with your renewable generator, constantly monitoring its output and where it is being consumed. This system was designed to work with a 100kW ‘Northern Power’ wind turbine in Scotland, but we can configure a bespoke scheme that will integrate with Solar PV, Solar Thermal, Heat Pumps etc.

solar panels

We programmed controllers to distribute the generated electricity to where it is most needed in order of priority, proportionally in line with the amount of power being produced. This ensures that A) The client is extracting every kWh of electricity generated and benefitting from it rather than exporting, B) The client can monitor any aspect of the system that they wish to and log relevant data as well as receive alerts when necessary should any part of their generator fail and C) Ensures that 

the exported energy is kept at all times below the DNO specified limit.

We will work with DNOs (Western Power in the south west), Wind Turbine, Solar PV or any other renewable technology manufacturers and the client to design the perfect intelligent energy management system that maximises their revenue and optimises system performance.