Somerset Lodge

A 35-bed nursing home in Bristol specialising in caring for people with dementia and other mental illnesses.

Client Requirements

To reduce enormous energy bills and accurately manage energy usage in the building, and generate their own power using solar PV as part of The Green Deal Group's whole building, energy management installation.

Our Solution

We designed, installed and commissioned a system that offered fully automated and intelligent control of the building with remote web access for the Trust's engineering department (as part of The Green Deal Group's carbon reducing project at the property). Upgrades to the control of the main heating and hot water systems across the site and adding individual room control in a number of rooms that are not always occupied; using energy only when required, was all in our scope.  The system is configured with varying access rights allowing various levels of user control and configuration of the system.  The highest level available only to the property owners to allow them to monitor system performance and alter settings if necessary from their head office on the other side of the city. 


Kernow Controls can also access the system if needed so that remote assistance can be offered and access settings can be changed at any time to allow different user required levels of input.Alarms can be triggered at a desired setpoint (ie. if a heating pump fails or boiler flow temp is low etc.) which can be in the form of a text message, email or in the case of a minor alert logged on the alarm history page of the web portal.

The property owners are particularly pleased with the web functionality of the system as it means they can monitor and control the system from anywhere with an internet connection (even on a smartphone) which maximises the efficiency of their team. 

Savings on energy consumption will also be significant as the systems can be fine-tuned to operate at maximum efficiency whilst always keeping the residents and staff as comfortable as possible.


"Managing a building’s processes and staying on top of energy efficiency in one building of this size is difficult. We at Milestones Trust own several such buildings and so wanted the ability to monitor and record the data from the heating and hot water systems at Somerset Lodge remotely. Somerset Lodge was the pilot scheme for us for such a system and we are very pleased with every aspect of the design, installation, control and accessibility offered by our new system. We would definitely work with Kernow Controls on future projects"

Harbour Lights, Restronguet Point

A newly built waterfront residence in the beautiful surroundings of Restronguet Point in South Cornwall.

Client Requirements

The property includes solar thermal panels on the roof, a ground source heat pump and an oil-fired boiler all feeding an under-floor heating system and an outside swimming pool.  The client wanted the 3 sources of heat to work as efficiently as possible (obviously using the renewable sources as primary and the oil boiler as back up) and to be able to observe and adjust heating settings centrally on an iPad as well as be able to monitor the house, including security cameras and alarms, when not at home.

Our Solution

Kernow Controls implemented a central control unit connecting sensors on a fairly complex arrangement of pumps, heat exchangers and valves that ensured all of the heat generated by the ground source heat pump and solar thermal was directed to the under-floor heating system when needed, with excess heat being directed to the pool to keep it at a constant temperature. This maximised the consumption of renewable energy being generated and reduced the reliance on the oil fired boiler. The intelligent lighting system that the client had already specified was integrated to work with our controller as well as the intruder alarm so that settings can be changed remotely and alarms acknowledged.  All of this is done through the web portal, and so can be accessed as the client requested, anywhere in the world through his iPad or other tablet or smartphone  (as long as there is a web connection).

Clevedon Hall

A grand Victorian mansion in Clevedon, North Somerset, which is steeped in history and in 2010, for the first time in its 150-year history, it was opened for private events. It is now used for conferences and seminars as well as weddings and celebrations.

Client requirements

A 150 year old building of this size and shape is going to present challenges when it comes to energy efficiency. The clients were understandably unhappy with the lack of control of the heating system as it was hugely inefficient and involved staff manually switching the whole heating system on and off each day and night, with boilers running at full capacity most of the time resulting in overheated spaces and vast amounts of money wasted. It was decided that an upgrade to their heating controls was crucial and the owners asked if Kernow Controls could help.


Our Solution

We installed new temperature sensors communicating with a central controller in a panel fitted in the building’s plant room. Via the new controller, we created an intelligent, fully automated system that kept the building’s overall space at exactly the right temperature with no need for staff intervention and no unnecessary operation of boilers. The system is compensated for changes in outside air temperature to predict potential changes and keep the space temperature stable. A relatively straightforward solution but one which is saving the client a great deal of money and effort, and has made them very happy.


“We were very keen to gain control of our heating system, reduce the carbon footprint of Clevedon Hall and try to reduce our massive energy bills in the process! Once Kernow Controls took charge of the issue it went smoothly and we are delighted with the simplicity and accessibility of our new heating controls. We are now reaping the benefits of this new system from not only an operational and occupant comfort view point but due to our reduced energy consumption financially also.  Overall, from our experience we cannot recommend Kernow Controls, and this kind of control system highly enough”.