Holiday Property Solution

The Challenge

Holiday lets or second homes are obviously not permanently occupied by their owners and often aren’t occupied at all for long periods of time. This can present a problem for owners or property management companies as the control of the building’s energy use is largely in the hands of the guests (or cleaning and maintenance staff). A heating and hot water system left running at maximum temperature can be costly in more ways than one as an empty oil or LPG tank means no heating until someone is aware of the situation and arranges a refill. Besides the cost of the wasted fuel, a house with no heating during the winter months can result in problems with damp and frozen pipes bursting.

Our Solution

Kernow Controls offer a tailor made answer to this problem and will design and install a system that enables the owner, and if required the property management company, remote access to the building’s heating and hot water controls. This enables monitoring and adjusting of building temperatures via a great looking, simple to use app for iPhone or android devices, providing peace of mind that the property is at exactly the temperature you want it to be when empty. It also allows for programming of time schedules to make sure that the house is at just the right temperature for when guests arrive after a long journey.

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Our systems provide a powerful and advanced, yet simple to use and cost-effective solution to the challenge of living hundreds of miles away from your beloved holiday home, and put you in charge of keeping wasted energy to a minimum.

We don’t have to stop there, we can create a system as complex as the client requires possibly incorporating the facility to monitor security, fire alarms, lighting etc. via a web page or phone app, and even to send text or email alerts in the event of an alarm being triggered, a leak, an empty oil or gas tank..the options are virtually endless.

Please contact us for further details. No two projects are the same and Kernow Controls can provide a bespoke solution for your holiday home, you may live miles away from it but we can put your property within your reach.

Prices start from £250 + VAT