Harbour Lights

 Restronguet Point   Harbour Lights image to follow shortly

Restronguet Point

Harbour Lights image to follow shortly

Kernow Controls implemented a central control unit connecting sensors on a fairly complex arrangement of pumps, heat exchangers and valves that ensured all of the heat generated by the ground source heat pump and solar thermal was directed to the under-floor heating system when needed, with excess heat being directed to the pool to keep it at a constant temperature. This maximised the consumption of renewable energy being generated and reduced the reliance on the 

oil fired boiler. The intelligent lighting system that the client had already specified was integrated to work with our controller as well as the intruder alarm so that settings can be changed remotely and alarms acknowledged.  All of this is done through the web portal, and so can be accessed as the client requested, anywhere in the world through his iPad or other tablet or smartphone  (as long as there is a web connection).