Clevedon Hall

Clevedon Hall.png

We installed new temperature sensors communicating with a central controller in a panel fitted in the building’s plant room. Via the new controller, we created an intelligent, fully automated system that kept the building’s overall space at exactly the right temperature with no need for staff intervention and no unnecessary operation of 

boilers. The system is compensated for changes in outside air temperature to predict potential changes and keep the space temperature stable. A relatively straightforward solution but one which is saving the client a great deal of money and effort, and has made them very happy.


“We were very keen to gain control of our heating system, reduce the carbon footprint of Clevedon Hall and try to reduce our massive energy bills in the process! Once Kernow Controls took charge of the issue it went smoothly and we are delighted with the simplicity and accessibility of our new heating controls. We are now reaping the benefits of this new system from not only an operational and occupant comfort view point but due to our reduced energy consumption financially also.  Overall, from our experience we cannot recommend Kernow Controls, and this kind of control system highly enough”.