‘Maximum comfort, maximum efficiency’ 

Constant communication with our clients means that we can provide the right solution for each individual case. A 4-bedroom house by the sea will have different requirements to an 80 bed hotel or a school, but with our experience, expertise and attitude we can create the perfect control system for every building. Creating the most comfortable environment with all systems running at maximum efficiency is achievable and the savings will quickly become evident.

Managing director Drew Dorling has worked in the BMS (Building Management System) industry since the late 90’s working for 15 years under control system giants Honeywell. There he worked his way up to being a senior control designer on some of the UK’s largest and most complex engineering projects such as the new Heathrow Terminal 5 and extension of Terminal 2 including the largest water cooling units ever built. Kernow Controls is in a position therefore to offer the complete package when it comes to bespoke building automation, from the relatively small set-up in a domestic environment right up to the biggest and most involved commercial and industrial solutions that can enable the end user full access and give you

the power to manage your building’s functions and therefore greatly reduce your energy consumption.

Though based in Cornwall we cover the whole of the Southwest and beyond and can design and install Building Management Systems virtually anywhere in the UK. 

We only work with the very best controllers, field devices, components and materials, always offer comprehensive technical support and also can provide service contracts both for new systems installed by ourselves, or existing ones where a regular service arrangement is not in place.